Gate servicing


We are always asked do electric gates really need to be serviced? The answer is a definite YES! Electric gates will last a lot longer and give you much less problems if the gates are regularly serviced. There are many things that can go wrong with electric gates and I am sure if you own a set of gates you will agree with us.  Water ingress, Slugs, Spiders etc. are all a pain and have caused endless gate problems. With the proper care and attention many of these costly problems can be erased easily.  

Electric gates also need to be able to move freely without debris, Dirt and Grease putting pressure on the moving parts. Moving parts should be well lubricated.

If electric gates do not move freely and easily it is amazing how quickly the motors will be burned out.  Motors are a costly part to replace but with care and attention taken damage is easily avoided.

Your gates should be serviced at least once a year. Please contact us below for a FREE electric gate service quote.

£99 per year