Gate Restoration

At the Local Gate Company our team restore wooden or metal gates to make them look brand new, adding a new lease of life to the front of your property!


Wooden Gate Restoration


Are your wooden or metal gates in need of a restoration or just a good clean? At the Local Gate Company we offer a full gate refurbishment service. Wooden gates can be stripped back to their natural state and treated to bring them back to their former glory.  

All wooden gates hardwood or softwood need to be treated and looked after to keep the water and moisture out of the wood.  Moss and algae can also built up on the gates causing rot.  

Wood swells in the winter with the moisture getting into it and contracts in the summer as the wood dries out. When the gates have not been treated properly this can cause major damage to the gates and gate automation system.  Softwood and Hardwood gates can quickly rot and split without them being treated properly.

We recommend that wooden gates are treated every 3 years.


Metal Gate Restoration

Metal gates are easier to maintain than wooden gates but they still need to be well looked after. With anything that sits outside,  if it is not maintained and treated properly it is only a matter of time before the elements will affect them

Metal gates are prone to mildew and algae covering them in a green mess! The Local Gate Company can clean the gates and restore them. 

If the paint on your metal gates is flaking or is dull we can remove the gates and restore them by painting them, spraying them or having them shot blasted and powder coated.

We offer a gate cleaning service to keep the gates looking at there best!