Can you fix my gates?

Yes we can fix your gates.  We are approve gate engineers and electricians.  Our engineers all have great experience in fixing electric gates.

What Gate makes can you fix?

We fix all gate makes including FAAC, BFT, CAME, ROGER, FADINI, BENINCA and many more.

Can You Give Me A Free Gate Repair Quote?

Unfortunately not. It takes time and experience to diagnose gate faults. An engineer will have to carry out many test to find the fault/faults on a gate system.  It also cost time and money for fuel etc to get to your property.  We have the cheapest call out fees in the area though!

Why Do my Gates Need To Be Serviced?

Gates are very much like a car! There are many moving parts and they sit outside in every type of condition. Gates need to be oiled,  greased tested and cleaned.  Without this gates and gate automation parts will fail and fail quickly!

Are Electric Gates Safe?

Gates are safe if installed to meet the current regulations.  They can be dangerous if not installed with the correct safety devices.  There are circumstances when gates can be so dangerous they need to be isolated until the faults are fixed! The latest gate systems are often fitted with anti crush systems to ensure maximum safety.

What Is Your Warranty Period

All parts we install are covered by the manufacturers warranty.  This can be for up to 3 years.  Manufacturers T&C's apply.  We also offer a 3 month labour warranty on parts installed!

Who Is Responsible for My Gates?

You are responsible for your gates and gate automation parts. Once we have installed your gates and automation parts and the invoice is paid in full the gates and parts become your property. This means you are responsible for making sure the parts and gates are maintained as they should be.  Gates and parts should only be maintained by trained engineers. Warranty issues are the responsibility of the owner.  We will assist as much as we can in helping you.

Do You Offer Free Gate Installation Quotes?

Yes we offer a full free gate installation estimate service.

Do I Need Planning Permission For Gate Installations?

The easiest answer is yes, but not always.  It is always worth asking your local planning office.  If you have existing gates it may be a much easier process, providing the new gates are a similar design and height.

How Much Is A Gate Installation?

How long is a piece of string? Their is not a simple answer to this as it depends on what you want in your system. I would say a set of Hardwood gates with intercom and Gate automation motors would cost between £5000 to £15000.  Gate systems can go much higher in price when new walls are built or top of the range intercom systems are installed.